Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pro Posers Hunt 2 - Hints and Stores Location

Pro Posers Hunt 2 - Hints

1 Essential Soul - If you wanna be happy find your stairs to heaven
2 Exposeur - Red are the roses, And red is for love,"Tempting" are these poses,With your gift up above.
3 BeScene - Poses Look down and then up....
4 *EverGlow* - It moves all the time...
5 Madesigns - Things can not be more complete
6 Body Talking - On your way to heaven, keep a slow pace
7 Miyoko Magic Boutique  - Gifts, shapes, prefabs, hand, subscriber...
8 *Sweet Moments* - Just around the balcony
9 [Lyndz-matic] Poses & Gadgets - Seat yourself at the bar, and help yourselt to some toast
10 Estetica - High Five!
11 B&F-Poseworx - ... under the eyes of an angel
12 Diesel Works Poses & Animations - If walls had ears...
13 ::WetCat::Builds&Poses - "guys ... pose and smile"
14 Slash Me Poses - Come find me, I'm under the tree.
15 Posies - I am in between of what you go through
16 Hot Dolphin Love Animations - Look between the sits and stands!
17 Amacci - Sit down and relax in the pose room
18 NLimbo - Poses Dont get wet!
19 Bound & Bitten - check the in store hint giver at tp landing
20 Ks2cool - Tired of searching, you can relax in my shop
21 Poise
22 DmD Poses - When I'm thirsty I just take a bottle of the most popular drink in the world... The blue hand is doing the same!
23 Kabuki Creations - Look for it at the Sitting Couple Pose sections.
24 Reel Expression - The turning point of female fashion.
25 Olive Juice - Where the owl hoots
26 !BANG - Watch your step - Don't fall!
27 CnS E-Motion Poses - CnS E-Motion Poses features singles, couples and group poses.  A prop or room can also be found in the two level mainstore.  Search the levels for the room where the ladies dwell and you will find our newest "So Pretty Pose" which has not been released yet and includes the beautiful cherry blossoms! Good Luck!
28 ::eXpression:: Poses - Roses are red, Violets are BLUE, if you don't find this gift, the hunt ends for you!
29 aDORKable Poses - Surf's Up!
30 Eternal Dream - Poses and Animations - first of second? just in the middle
31 { P.S. PoseWorks } - Where in the world did I put that pose?
32 oOo Studio - The Studio is all white, but climb the stairs, There's a hand in the darkness behind the Chair.
33 ..::DARE::.. - Look under your behind
34 Jonimation - There are gift items nearby
35 Props-N-Poses - You should Prop-ably think long and hard..but if you need another hint.. I su-Pose I could say that if you only knew what was going on behind the scenes then you would know exactly where to look.
36 Studio Sidhe - Slap the wall where the fun stuff lives! :D
37 Pewpew - Where did I leave that remote?
38 {Just A Pose} - All this pose hunting must be exhausting, rest your tired pixel bones here.
39 Morgane Batista Poses Shop - (1 of 2): 180 isn't only the name of poses, show your cam skills - (2 of 2): male or female? hmm well take a look where both can find what you are looking for.
40 .dgaf - "knock knock" "whose there?"
41 Area Code - Need a helping hand?
42 Embody Shapes & Poses - This is just a hint.  We don't want to make it too black and white
43 [POSER ALERT] - It's on top of the FOREST.
44 X-Clusives Animations - You won't be able to keep your hands to yourself in our Lap Dance Chair
45 [doll.]™ - 1. *me touches your intimate part* and 2. Look for couples inside the store!

46 EmmePose - A relaxing bath is what i need!
47 Oh My Stars - Look up to the sky, see how the stars shine so bright!
48 BehaviorBody - Animations and model poses - There is always a stairway to heaven ;)
49 l!I.------*- M.O.D.A -*------.!I! - Look up!

Samara Pennell or Eros Fenutzini