Sunday, June 13, 2010

- Click - The Bar

Do you have plans for tonight? I'll introduce you - CLICK - The Bar.

It's different from anything you have ever seen..... and the best thing is: you can have it at home!! Yes, that's it, your own bar, at your place, to enjoy alone, with that special one and friends!

This bar has options to single poses (male and female) or couple poses. And they can all be used at the same time. For example, while you are with your special one in a pose, your friends can be in another poses playing pool, or in another couple poses.... it doesn't matter, the bar is perfect for having fun with friends.

It's very important to mention that when you get the bar, it includes a folder with all the items you will need to decorate your bar (with the glasses, bottles, pool cue and so on).

If you like this kind of scenary, there are many of them at the store. You must visit and check the options. The quality and resources that the scenaries offer, are so amazing.

-CLICK- Props and Sets for Photography and Machinima -

Samara Pennell